Revealed: Giant 30 tonne meteorite discovered in Argentina i

Locals in the small Argentinian town of Gancedo were in for a surprise when a massive meteorite was discovered earlier this week.

The meteorite weighs a massive 30 tonnes, and is the second biggest to have ever been found.

The huge rock of space debris will now be re-measured to confirm its size.

The meteorite was discovered by scientists on September 10.

It was found in the town of Gancedo, 674 miles (1,085km) north of the country’s capital, Buenos Aires.

No indication has yet been given of its width or height.

Mario Vesconi, President of the Astronomy Association of Chaco, told Xinhua News Agency: ’While we hoped for weights above what had been registered, we did not expect it to exceed 30 tonnes.’

He added: ’It was in Campo del Cielo, where a shower of metallic meteorites fell around 4,000 years ago.’

The meteor shower took place in a region of Argentina located between the provinces of Chaco and Santiago del Estero.

The original space rock weighed an estimated 800 tonnes and hailed from the Main Asteroid Belt located between Mars and Jupiter.

It split into multiple meteorites that branched out over an area of approximately 124 square miles (320 square kilometres).

The Gancedo meteorite is the second biggest in size to the Hoba meteorite, weighing 66 tonnes in Namibia.

A previously discovered meteorite in the El Chaco area weighed 2,884 tonnes, meaning Argentina now has two of the world’s largest meteorites.