Students oppose bill to limit funding of second degrees, buy
Buy degree, Members of Parliament will vote for a measure on Monday, 19 December, if you have completed the same or higher level of degree, you will not be able to get the Danish institutions of higher education secondary student student funding.
The proposal for "higher education ceiling", which has been agreed by the three main political parties of the parliament, buy master degree, will come into effect next summer. It is strongly opposed by students.
The Danish National Student Union, the DSF, representing 170,000 Danish students, buy australia degree, called for a massive protest on December 18 in central Copenhagen and is actively mobilizing social media support for the law.
About 2,200 students will begin their second full-time baccalaureate degree in 2014 after completing the same or higher level of higher education. Buy british degree, It is estimated that 30 per cent of the students affected by the proposed law will qualify for exemption from reasons not yet agreed upon by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.
Based on the background document of the proposal,buy australia degree,  it is expected to save DKK 344.2 million (US $ 49 million) in full phased implementation in 2020, although this figure was later revised to DKK 703 million (US $ 701 million), 4.01 per year by 2020 Billion Danish krone ($ 56.7 million).
Every other year, the Ministry of Higher Education and Science will develop a list of areas of higher education, which have special needs for candidates, which will be completed by degree students in line with the study plan, according to the recommendations.