American university campus recurrence of serial shootings,Bu
According to the Central People's broadcasting station reported that in the past week, the United States on the east coast of the United States were shooting the headlines. 25 am local time around 12:30, the eastern United States Illinois champagne continuous two shootings, killing at least 1 people were killed and 5 wounded, the gunman is still at large.
According to the preliminary investigation showed that the police, the shooting case at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign near a party indoor quarrel, quarrel evolved into outdoor fights, eventually led to the tragedy of a man shooting casualties. The American media reporters rushed to the scene after the incident described: "police said everything from an apartment in Green street, originally brawl, transferred to the outside after the upgrade to the shooting, when we arrived on the scene, saw the crowd ran from the scene of the shooting to the east."
Champagne police spokesman Meades said the Buy bachelor degree cause of the conflict is not clear, 4 people were hit. It is reported that, among them, a 22 year old man named Kochev died in the hospital, champagne police said Kochev from the outskirts of Chicago, , Buy master degree, he did not participate in the battle, nor is the student of University of Illinois, at the time of the shooting, he just came from the scene, just an innocent bystander. The remaining 3 were shot to hospital for treatment, the injury is not life-threatening. University of Illinois police confirmed that 1 of the injured were injured in the school students, but did not disclose their identity. At the time, the other 1 victims to dodge bullets when the car accident, the driver to escape.
In the shooting occurred about 30 minutes later, the local police received a report again, not far from where the shooting occurred before shooting, one shot, the injured have been rushed to the hospital, no life-threatening. The police Buy Australia degree believe the two shootings were related. A student from the University of Illinois, who was a witness to the shooting, said the second shooting occurred in the gathering area of shops and restaurants. , Buy British degree According to an alert issued by the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, gunmen fled the scene after the first shooting occurred, is likely to participate in the second gun case.
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign is one of the , Buy America degree most prestigious public research universities in the world. After the shooting caused many Chinese students attention, we remind each other to pay attention to safety.