The gun murderer Zhao Chengxi had a cool response absent-min
In new network on 26 April, according to the "Sing Tao Daily" reported that a white blonde dancer before to Virginia, a local television said, Polytechnic University in Virginia gun case happened a month ago, she was in Virginia Roanoke (Roanoke) in a motel room to dance Zhao Chengxi.
It is understood that the Roanoke Buy bachelor degree, from Virginia Polytechnic University located in Blacksburg (Blacksburg) only a half hour drive.
According to the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) reported that the man named Flair (ChastityFrye) hostess told the Roanoke local television said at the time, Zhao to her escort service phone company, request a service hours. A call to Flair.
Flair said that when she was dancing, Zhao was quiet and seemed absent-minded, and she could not get too much reaction from him.
After dancing for 15 minutes, Zhao Chengxi got up and went to the bathroom to wash his face.
Friar asked Zhao, whether he wanted her to leave, he said an hour he paid, Buy British degree, Buy America degree but she only played 15 minutes.
Flair had no choice but to start Buy Australia degree,dancing again, when Zhao tried to touch her, but she pushed him away, and he did not force her.
Asked if he was afraid, Flair replied that there was No.
Flair recalled, because she did not see Zhao Cheng holding any firearm weapons or other things to be afraid of, and after she jumped, Zhao Ye immediately left."
Flair said, she later on television recognized Zhao Chengxi, and was called to FBI.
Allegedly, FBI is found in Zhao's credit card spending records from the.
When FBI let her use three words Buy master degree, to describe Zhao, Flair replied: "silly, shy and overbearing."
Flair added that Zhao Chengxi to the last time really slightly pressing momentum.
However, she also said, "I sometimes think, if I was trying to chat with him or do something else for him, would he say what he was thinking?"